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Your Rats' oldest friend

20 years and still going strong, The Ratwarehouse is a shop that cares about your rats and run by one person who has dedicated her life to making rats happy and healthy.

Who is the Ratwarehouse?

In 2004 I decided to start this little ratty shop. I am passionate about my work, I love to make rats happy and comfy, I spend a lot of my time thinking of new products, looking for new fabrics, new toys, foods and snacks. I run this shop because I love rats. I love my job!

I've kept rats for over 30 years. I keep rescue rats, and I want to give them the best life possible. Seeing happy rats makes me happy and I believe that happy rats are healthy rats. I dedicate my time developing and researching new products to keep our rats happy.

Did you know that The Ratwarehouse is the home of the original Weight-Up Baby!? It's a unique and highly palatable, high-calorie supplementary food which I initially formulated for one of our rescue girls who was in need of a little extra help. Several years down the line, rats all over the nation simply love their WUB!

Not only do I care about your rats, I highly value great customer service, so if you ever have any questions or issues, please contact me. I am looking forward to having you as a customer and hope you will keep coming back!

- Sabby and TRW little crew of misfits

New Products!
Corner Sling - Harvest Mouse
Corner Sling - Avocuddle
Take Cover - Meadow Life
Foraging Cups Toy
My Piggy Frens - Fluffbum
Weight-Up Baby! Banana Custard
Keepsake Heart for Ashes
Sprouting Kit
Springtime Bloom - Fluffbum
Foraging Pipe Toy
Cheeze & Tomato Twist chew
Mini Monster snacks - choc
Naqua Ivermectin 8 Pipettes
Corner Sling - Meadow Life
Double Down - Harvest Mouse
Take Cover - Harvest Mouse
Natural Foraging Box
Weight-Up Baby! Totes Caramelicious
Weight-Up Baby! Cookies & Cream
Rapz® Natural World 5cm
Pawtato Small Ocean Treats
Large Play Tunnel
Bedtime Biscuits
Shroomz! - Flat long
Keepsake Orb for Ashes
Fruit & Veg Twist chew stick
Paper Flakes Bedding
DrS Senior

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