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Weight-Up Baby! Rattus Whiskoff 
Rat Warehouse 
Weight-Up Baby! Rattus Whiskoff is the latest flavour of our most popular product, it's a sweet cookie flavoured porridge. When rats get fussy and start refusing certain foods, it is a great treat to have at hand as a little food can stimulate appetite. As it is so palatable and easy to eat and digest, it makes it a fantastic aid to help recovery in post-op rats who may have little appetite, also great to conceal medication. Just add a little boiling water to some powder for best results. The product thickens as it cools down so you may adjust consistency with a little more water and whisk well. As this product is hand-blended, the consistency may vary. 100g bag - Multiples might be sent in one larger bag unless you request separate 100g bags.

This particular flavour is a bit sweeter than the other flavours so bear that in mind when feeding, remember that moderation is key!

PLEASE NOTE - Due to customs regulations, this product is NOT available to ship to Russia, Norway, Australia or New Zealand - there may be restrictions to other countries. Please check your countries restrictions before ordering and read the shipping policy linked below.

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