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Pink Riding Pouch 
The Girlie Riding Pouch is available in this bright pink fleece, lined with a warm and snug lambskin-like fleece material. It is roomy and deep, measuring 10 inches wide and approximately 12 inches deep so your rats can feel safe and snug inside. It is fitted with solid swivel clips and a wide adjustable, removable webbing strap which will allow you to carry a few pounds of rats around in comfort. This pouch is excellent to carry around new ratties, to get them to bond with you and with each other, or can be used as a snuggly retreat on the sofa at play time. You can also hang the pouch in the cage to provide extra sleeping space but then your lovely Pouch might not last as long as you would like!
Not recommended for outdoors use. Make sure your Pets get drinks regularly.

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