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Little Old Rat Pack 
Rat Warehouse 
This is a starter pack designed to take out the guesswork of what you might need when your rats start getting older. This pack contains a selection of products our own little old rats use. Makes everyone's life easier. Especially useful for new rat owners who have not had oldies before.

• Ground Diet 250g: Makes eating easier, this complete food is very useful to ensure that your oldies get enough nutrients in their belly.
• WUB 100g: Weight-Up Baby! is our flagship complementary food which is ideal to help rats gain a little weight and maintain. Older rats can do with a little extra calorific intake. Also great to hide medicines. Random flavour supplied unless specified.
• Senior Aid 30ml: A liquid supplement to invigorate old pets. 0.5ml/kg once a day is the usual serving. This product smells odd, it's normal, some of the amino acid in the product has a very pungent smell.
• Trixie House: A house without a floor which makes moving in and out easier especially when their little legs get less agile.
• Old Bag: A handmade sleeping bag which is wider than deep so is easier to access. Colours will vary based on availablity.
• Soft Brush: Many old rats appreciate a little brushing when they have trouble grooming themselves.
• Trixie Cuddle Bed: This bed is flat enough to allow easy access even for rats with paralysed legs, and also offer support for them to eat over the edge when they can no longer sit up to eat. Place near a food bowl.
• 1ml Syringes x5: These are always handy to measure medications, supplements or to handfeed if needed.
• Couscous Blend 200g: A quick and easy meal. Simply add a little couscous to a ramekin or shallow bowl, add enough boiling water to cover, put a lid on and leave to rest about 10 minutes. You can add steamed vegetables or bits of fresh fruit to the couscous if you like. Mix variety sent based on availablity at the time of order.
• Vetcal Pro-Gel 120g: Palatable veterinary grade malt based supplement, provides vitamins, minerals and extra calories.
• Veterinary Bedding: A piece of veterinary bedding which helps your pets stay drier where they sleep. You can place this inside an igloo. It is recommended to add newspaper underneath to absorb urine and change regularly. The veterinary bed is washable, so you will need to wash it frequently to avoid harmful ammonia build up. Colours will vary based on stock availability.

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