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Lulu's Fluffy Boudoir XL Rat Muff 
The Rat Muff is a design exclusive to the Rat Warehouse. If you see a Rat Muff anywhere other than here or on our Etsy shop (alienrat), you know it's a cheap imitation. This original pouch design is the best pouch design we have come across to date. It allows you to stroke your pets while they are inside, making it the perfect bonding pouch. It comes with a fully adjustable strap which is removable.

Approximate dimensions: 13.5in wide x 12in tall (35cm W x 24cm H) and 9 inches at the side, below the opening.

Please note that for your pets' safety, all our pouches and muffs are designed for indoor use, for outside travels and car journeys, we recommend that you use a solid, escape proof carrier.

This XL Rat Muff comes in a racy leopard print fleece lined with snuggly lambskin-like fabric.

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