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Hanami Fluffbum 
Rat Warehouse 
Hanami is of Japanese origin, from hana ‘flower’ + -mi ‘to see, look’. It is the practice or custom of viewing cherry blossoms when they are in full bloom.

Exclusive to the Rat Warehouse, the Hanami Fluffbum is a light brown hammock lined in pink fleece fabric and covered with the Hanami cherry and cherry blossom print blanket layer. Your Rats can sleep inside or on top of this hammock. This particular design provides vantage points at the front and back by the bars which tend to discourage window-making efforts by the curious and creative rattie. Standard measures approximately 13x15 inch excluding clips, XL measures approx. 20 x 20in (51 x 51cm) excl. clips
Standard  £8.00
XL  £12.00

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