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This is where you can start shopping! Click on the images or section titles below or use the menu on the side to choose an aisle.
The Food Aisle
 Here's our selection of foods, picked with your the health and happiness of your rats in mind. Although some of those products are aimed at other species, they are suitable for rats. Complete Rat mixes and balanced rat blocks, as well as a complete soft diet and other mushy extras to make sure the elderly and ill or post-op rats get the nutrition they need without struggling.

The Treats Aisle
 Our range of treats will ensure that no Rat will ever get bored with their snacks. Our handmade treats are created especially for Rats, and do not contain unnecessary added salt, sugar or additives. We also offer treats by other popular manufacturers, and although some of them are aimed at other species, we can assure you that they are suitable for rats.

The Chews Aisle
 Rats and other rodents love to chew and gnaw. In this aisle you will find a good selection of chews. Some of the chews on offer are aimed at other species but are suitable for and adored by rats!

The Lounging Aisle
 The Lounging Aisle offers a variety of accessories to provide your Rats and other critters with a safe space to sleep or lounge and feel secure and comfortable.

The Cages
 A small selection of dream homes by Liberta and Little Zoo for your little ones.

The Cage Accessories
 Here you will find accessories to furnish your Rats' home. From bowls to drinking bottles, you should find your basic essentials

The Pet Rat Hammocks
 Snuggle those bums and tails in our comfortably sagging, super comfy hammocks. Suitable for rat and ferrets. Our hammocks are now fitted with metal swivel clips or D-rings and are handmade to order.

Dreamy Sleeping Bags
 Comfy sleeping bags for your Rats. They can sleep inside, on top or under! We recommend that you fasten them to the bars to prevent falls if placed on a narrow shelf. You can use our metal clips http://www.ratwarehouse.com/product/metal_cage_clips or binder/bulldog clips.

The Health Aisle
 Here you will find items related to Rattie Health. We offer a vast range of products including Senior Aid, Revital Aid and Omega Aid which we introduced to the rat world and Vet-Cal Progel, a high-energy vitamin supplement that all rats love. You will also find a good selection of excellent DrS supplements, our very own, hand-blended, original, high calorie and delicious Weight-Up Baby! and the indispensable ground up maintenance rat and mouse diet.

The Beauty & Hygiene Aisle
 Our Beauty & Hygiene Aisle offer you all you need to keep your Rats and other pets well groomed and their home and environment clean.

Pre-made and ready to go
Handmade items that are ready to go. In this section you will find pre-made items, limited editions, one of a kind items, all ready to pack and ship. Hammocks, lounging tubes, our original Rat muff, riding pouches, everything to keep your pet rats, ferrets, and other small pets cozy and comfy straight away!
The Travel & Bond Aisle
 For the pet on the go, we offer you the Pawprint Carrier and our exclusive Rat Muff, the best pouch on the market for cuddling and bonding.

The Toys Aisle
 Rats are curious, playful and love having fun! You can buy some toys here to keep your rats' brain stimulated and interested. A playing rat is a happy rat!

Hector & Florence Woodland Collection
Hector & Florence is a Woodland themed collection of accessories to use outside the cage. Made of a soft, deep pile fleecy fabric, you will find a bonding pouch or muff, a snuggly bag in different sizes, ideal to use at freerange time. Due to the nature of this lush fabric, it is not suitable to use inside cages housing pets who chew as it is a long thread material.
For the humans
 Not only rats need to shop! Humans do too! Here's a selection of things you can buy for yourself.

For your Pouchies
A small selection of items which I think your lovely pouchies will enjoy. I have created the Big Dream which is a supersized snuggly sleeping bags, suitable for pouchies as well as other larger beasties. I will add more as I find more, please feel free to suggest or request new products!
For your wild hedghogs
A small selection of products to help our hedgehogs. They are in decline so if you see those little guys in your garden, they will appreciate if you give them a hand. These foods are suitable for them, unlike lots of cat and dog foods.

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